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Maintenance / Reparaciónes

The Kitchen is usually closed for cleaning M-F from 9- 10pm.  Please double check Food Corridor Schedule to see when "Cascadia Hood and Duct" is scheduled to clean.


Updates in the kitchen:

  1. Towel release!  We have upped our towels and are holding some back so they aren't used up!  Please always bring a couple towels of your own in case you need them! Your inspector will want this.   Thank you!
  2. Ice is for use INSIDE the kitchen only.  If there is confusion, please see the contract. Ice is provided by the kitchen to ensure that you can follow proper cooling practices.  We wish the ice made ice fast enough to allow for taking ice with you. The machine unfortunately does not make enough ice for people to use the ice when they leave (such as for Farmer's Markets or your food cart).  Please come prepared with your own cooling methods to transfer food.  Kaah Market also sells ice.

We appreciate you in the kitchen! And we appreciate being kept up on what's happening in the community.  We always encourage people to communicate to other businesses - find connections, work out differences and always be kind! Great connections are made in this kitchen and we're grateful for that!