Steps to Rent in our Kitchen

Are you just starting your business?

* We love to provide space for beginning entrepreneurs.  We offer classes to those who are just starting.  If you have questions about licensing, insurance, marketing, etc - take our low cost class! You may even qualify for a business adviser. See more information on business development services here.
* We recommend this class before renting the kitchen if you are just starting out.

Already producing and selling?: Inquiry for Production Space

You already have your insurance certificate, food handlers card and a food service license. Inquire here! 

Step One: Submit Your Kitchen Inquiry/Application

+ Step Two: Submit Documents

Once you are approved to rent... Email all documents to

  • Insurance Certificate (See details below)**
  • One Food Handlers or Serve Safe Card
  • Food Service License with County or ODA*
  • Sign our Contract

+ Insurance Details to send to your agent

  1. WE DO NOT ACCEPT EVENT CERTIFICATES – only full year coverage is accepted
  2. Please have your agent send a pdf that covers the following information (cut and paste the following to your agent):

We need a Certificate of Liability following these requirements:

  • Additional Insured including endorsement: Hacienda CDC; Portland Mercado LLC; Hacienda QALICB LLC
  • $1 million in liability including Products/Completed Operations
  • At least $300,000 Damage to Rented Premises (covering damage to premises)
  • Mailing address is 7238 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206 c/o Hannah Edlefsen
  • Description of operations is located at 7238 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206

+ More questions?

Come to a tour and get your questions answered. Or, call 503.459.7725 or email mercado.