A licensed commissary kitchen with a mission, for rent!

See inside our kitchen! Click play.

How to Rent

  • Option One - As part of our program: You have an idea for a food business or are a startup and are interested in participating in our program. Note - entrepreneurs in our program have access to our affordable price of $15/hour.  To learn more, sign up for the Next Mandatory Orientation: The first Wednesday of each month (English)

Location: Portland Mercado


  • Option Two - Using the kitchen only: You are a formal operating business with your food service license, food handlers card and insurance and you just want to rent the kitchen only: Apply here. Please note that businesses not in our program pay $18/hour+ (still affordable, but not as affordable).


Tell me more about your kitchen.

The Micro Mercantes kitchen is an affordable, licensed non-profit commissary kitchen in Portland, Oregon that welcomes entrepreneurs that are in the beginning stages of their food business or who are looking to expand their small scale business. The current businesses that rent our licensed kitchen vary greatly - from Kenyan catered meals to real NY style bagels selling at cafes to tamales at the local farmers markets.

Where is it located?

In our sister project, the Portland Mercado - a vibrant Latin American market right here in Portland. The address is 7238 SE Foster Road.

What does rent include?

We believe in a kitchen that is an affordable place for start-up and small scale businesses to get started. Rent includes use of all of the equipment, 24/7 access, cold storage, all utilities including Wi-Fi, A/C, compost, and towel service and cleaning supplies. Dry storage is separate.

Where does the profit go? 

100% of the profit goes right back in to our non-profit to support our work with start-up food businesses.

What is in the kitchen?

We have a brand new, licensed kitchen with lots of amenities. Contact us for the latest info or specific questions.

Here is a list of some of the amenities:

  • A modern, clean look with skylights, bright turquoise walls, concrete floors, pendant lights & wood truss ceiling.
  • Utilities, including compost
  • Wi-Fi
  • A/C
  • Cleaning supplies and towel & mop head service
  • Secure and safe exit and entry with access card system.
  • Equipment, including:
    • 10x20 walk-in cooler
    • Reach-in freezer, 2 sections
    • Reach-in refrigerator, 2 sections
    • Filtered ice maker
    • Secure dry storage units (first come, first serve)
    • Charbroiler
    • Convection Oven, Southbend
    • Fryer
    • Range, 60", 5 burners, 24" griddle
    • Range, 8 burners
    • Kettle/pot filler faucet
    • Tilting skillet, electric, with floor trough (google this, an awesome tool!)
    • Boilerless convection steamer
    • Large exhaust hood, automatic and variable speed
    • Mixer, Planetary 30 qt floor model
    • 1 mixers, planetary (table, 8 qrt)
    • 2 heavy duty food processors
    • Pan racks and pans for cold storage and transport
    • Large pots and pans
    • Large cutting boards
    • Large immersion blender
    • 2 Vitamix mixers 
    • Tortilla Press 
    • Rice cooker
    • Multiple hand sinks and prep sinks
    • Soak sink for large pots
    • Rinse sink
    • High Temperature Sanitizer Dishwasher with drying space
    • Under table and wall shelving
    • 9 large work/prep tables, stainless steel
    • Cord ceiling plugs with low and high wattage
    • Cleaning supplies and towel service
    • 20 stools for cooking classes

When is the kitchen open? 

The kitchen is open every day of the week, 24 hours a day, including holidays. We want to make it easier for you to get started, and a flexible schedule helps as you balance work, business and family commitments.